Look To Your Feet For Back Relief

Since poor posture is one of the biggest reasons for lower back pain, correcting your posture from the ground up is a vital part of reducing or eliminating your back pain.  If your foot over-pronates (rolls inward) when you walk you are likely causing undue stress to your back.  That inward rolling motion produce a torque force which causes internal rotation of the legs and hips.  This motion, over time, can cause ligament instability in the low back and sacroiliac (SI) joints which generates chronic back pain.

Custom made foot orthotics can greatly reduce these forces and bring your body back into a better posture therefore reducing the stress on your back.  However if you are a hard lateral heel striker (look at the bottom of your favourite shoes and see if the outside part of the heel is more worn than the inside), the vibrations which travel through your body can perpetuate and aggravate your back.  Your feet are meant to absorb shock, but for those who strike the ground hard on each step, or have very rigid feet, the forces your feet were suppose to absorb have to be taken on by some other part of your body.  That force often gets taken on by the low back.  A custom made foot orthotic can be created to absorb that shock before it hits your foot, therefore reducing the effect of ground forces on the back.

The majority of people in Canada will suffer with back pain at some point in their lifetime, however reducing chronic issue occurrences or even stopping potential threats can be achieved by making sure you are in your best posture from your feet to your head.

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About Milton Orthotic & Wellness Centre

Our professional staff of Pedorthists and Athletic Therapists strive to educate and inform you on the best approach for treating your biomechanical abnormalities. We provide quality custom made orthotics from plaster casts, comprehensive gait analysis and biomechanical range of motion testing. Whether it is a custom orthotic, an off the shelf product, a brace, or help you with exercises to speed up recovery, make an appointment to visit with our knowledgeable team. Visit http://www.miltonorthoticwellness.com
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